Exploring the Trans-Himalayan Deserts

fixed_5A blend of Spiti’s rich cultural heritage and natural splendors:

This trail provides a unique insight into the Spitian way of life (their homes, cuisine, agriculture and irrigation practices, livestock grazing mechanisms), as well as an opportunity to explore the habitats of some of the worlds rarest wildlife species like the Snow Leopard, Tibetan Wolf & Blue Sheep.

Although spotting the extremely rare snow leopard itself is not very likely, we do have a good chance to see Tibetan Wolf and Blue Sheep.

The trail winds itself along alpine pastures. The fossils that dot this trail offer Glimpses of Spiti’s geological past. Ancient Buddhist monasteries and temples dating back to more than 1000 years adorn these villages and are a reflection of Spiti’s historical and religious links to Tibet.

To add a twist of excitement and adventure to the trip, we can arrange for part of this trail to be traversed on the back of a yak.

TRIP ESSENTIALS: Trek & Jeep Safari - Duration: 12 Days - Grade: Medium - Accommodation: Wilderness Camping/ Guesthouse/Traditional Homestay.