Billiard Pool Cues: Mixing Geometry and Physics with Coolness

Billiards is likely the only game that mixes hardcore geometry and physics with extreme coolness. There's no other game that mixes math with smoke filled rooms inhabited by a mixture of characters from the most preppy to the most rough around the edges. If a person has ever played pool, they know that there are a lot of factors that contribute to the perfect game: the right table, a clear atmosphere and an even clearer head, and the perfect cue.

Billiards pool cues are an essential tool in the game. Though they are required in order to play, not all pool cues are created equal. They come in all sizes and are made of a variety of materials. Because of the varying sizes and materials, they can also differ slightly in weight. All of these factors can have an impact on the quality of a game.

If in the market for billiards pool cues, a person will quickly find themselves faced with a load of options. It's likely best to pick a less expensive pool cue if they are new to the game. If they don't see themselves sticking with it long term, a more expensive cue may just go to waste. They will also notice the different sizes of pool cues. Generally this ranges from 57-59 inches though there are some exceptions. A person should pick the size that is more comfortable to them.

They should examine the craftsmanship of the billiards pool cues and make sure it is straight and does not have any slight bends or crookedness. A person can't expect to be a straight shooter if their pool cue is crooked. Even the slightest variant can make a difference in their game, so a person should examine it carefully before making a purchase. While they are doing this, they should check the smoothness of the cue as well. They should note any splinters or roughness that may cause a glitch in the flow of their shot. Because smooth shots are extremely important in the game of careful calculation, a person does not want any blemish on their pool cue that will jeopardize that.

Billiards is a game of confidence just as much as it is a game of calculation. Anyone will want to look good while they are playing it and they will want to make their opponent feel like they know exactly what they are doing, even if they don't. Picking good looking billiards pool cues can go a long way in regards to a person's confidence level when they hit the felt. They should find a design and style that works for them and that exudes personality. A person will want to stand out and should consider their pool cue their uniform. They should keep it clean, smooth and slightly intimidating.

When purchasing pool cues a person should do a little preliminary research before narrowing their choices down. When they have a few that they like, they should not be afraid to try them out. This will be their primary tool in the game of pool, and they will want to be able to connect with it and work easily with it. Once they find the perfect billiards pool cues, they will be ready to dominate on that little felt field.


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